Terraform Weekly - Issue #1

First issue! Please send feedback on content and format.

I am hoping to capture what's happening in the Terraform world with a bit of commentary sprinkled in. The format will likely evolve over time.

Terraform Releases

A minor release which appears to be only bug fixes to windows building, the new login command and the registry.

A significant workflow improvement for those using Terraform Enterprise/Cloud. You can now run a command to log in and store credentials locally. Previously this process required editing a file to store your credentials locally.


Not many folks have used both Terraform and not many have used it to the point that they see the cons of each system.

This is a great breakdown of an engineer who used Terrraform extensively until his company (Twitch) was integrated in to AWS and was compelled to switch to CloudFormation.

Terraform is a powerful tool on its own that gets more powerful when run in an automated manner. For those that don't want to shell out for Terraform Enterprise or Cloud running terraform workflows in your existing CI service can make a lot of sense.

This guides you through a way to do it with Gitlab CI.

If you maintain a provider and haven't upgraded it for terraform 0.12 yet, this should help.

Provider Releases

Lots of small improvements, too many to copy here. Check out the release notes for more info.

1 minor bug fix + a library upgrade

Change log is here.

Changelog is here.

Changelog is here

Changelog is here

Changelog is here

In addition, New Relic has published a roadmap for many of their developer tools which includes a section on major changes to their terraform provider.

Change log is here

Not sure why there are two google cloud providers. Stay tuned for a future episode where I figure that out.

A small bugfix release.

If you maintain a provider, you should check out the improvements they are making to the plugin SDK. It is good to see this project broken out of the main Terraform repo so that these improvements can be made.

One new resource, one improvement and a couple of bug fixes.

A bunch of new features in this one. Changelog is here.