Terraform Weekly - Issue #11

Not a lot going on in the Terraform world this week other than the new 0.13 betas. I expect to be spending a good deal of my time trying these out over the next few weeks.

The first beta for terrafom 0.13.0 is out. Follow the link above to a README covering a bunch of topics here.

The major new features are:

There is an upgrade guide and a list of known issues.

Notable Releases

In addition to the major features above, there is a lengthly list of bug fixes, new features and breaking changes.


  • aws_acm_certificate: Add status attribute (#13513)

  • aws_directory_servicedirectory: Add availability_zones attribute to vpc_settings block (#12654)

  • aws_directory_servicedirectory: Add availability_zones attribute to connect_settings block (#12654)

  • aws_directory_servicedirectory: Add plan time validation to customer_dns_ips in connect_settings block (#12654)

  • aws_ec2_client_vpn_endpoint: Add arn attribute and plan time validation to root_certificate_chain_arn (in authentication_options block), client_cidr_block, and server_certificate_arn [#13601]

  • aws_instance: Add plan time validation to volume_type(in ebs_block_device and root_block_device blocks), private_ip, ipv6_addresses, and tenancy (#13033)

  • aws_lb_listener_rule: Add support for multiple, weighted target groups in forward rules (#12574)

  • aws_lb_listener: Add support for multiple, weighted target groups in default actions (#12574)

  • aws_workspaces_ip_group: Add plan-time validation for rules.source (#13178)

Bug fixes

  • aws_acm_certificate: Detect AMAZON_ISSUED type validation_method value directly from API response instead of custom logic (#13513)

  • aws_acm_certificate: Increase deletion retries from 10 minutes to 20 minutes (better support API Gateway Custom Domain deletion) (#13513)

  • aws_apigatewayv2_stage: Prevent perpetual plan differences with default_route_settings.logging_level argument for HTTP APIs (#12904)

  • aws_appmesh_route: Allow configuration of spec http_route action weighted_target weight argument to be 0 (#13539)

  • aws_autoscaling_group: Prevent crash with tags argument containing boolean values in Terraform 0.11 and earlier (#13604)

  • aws_dynamodb_table: Prevent multiple replica creation/deletion errors (#13523)

  • aws_instance: Prevent perpetual plan differences, forcing replacement, with ebs_block_device configuration blocks [#13589]

  • aws_kinesis_firehose_delivery_stream: Correctly set kinesis_source_configuration during import to prevent resource recreation (#13536)

  • aws_ses_configuration_set: Prevent Provider produced inconsistent result after apply errors during creation or import [#12024]

  • aws_workspaces_ip_group: Remove resource from state if deleted outside of Terraform (#13178)

Lots of activity on the language server project this week. In addition to this release, there are 2 more below.

Relevant changes–

New Features

  • can now autocomplete first-level keywords (data, resource, etc) - #104

  • You can now specify path to Terraform binary - #109

  • Terraform exec timeout is now configurable - #134


  • some minor UX improvements to autocompleting items - #115

Bug fix to pass through all environment variables – #139.

Fix for a bug introduced in 0.3.1: os.Environ() returns KEY=val, not just keys – #143.

Two bug fixes in this one.

  • Deprecation for d.Partial - #463. This was planned to be deprecated in v2 of this library, but it looks like that is changing.

  • A fix bug for a somewhat obscure bug involved when using a bool as a string type in terraform < 0.12 - #465.

  • Fixed a bug where some empty found values would be treated as not found. (#249)

  • Improved some error messages that might create some confusion about the failure results. (#284)

  • Fixed a problem where using @warning tag was causing a problem where error messages was hidden on -q usage.

  • Fixed @warning tag where further steps were also executed on a failure condition unintentionally. (#279)

  • #784: add terraform_deprecated_index (disallows foo.0) (@bendrucker)

  • #787: Change the plugins dir with TFLINT_PLUGIN_DIR environment variable (@wata727)

  • #789: Allow no extensions on windows (@jpreese)

  • #790: Bump terraform-provider-aws to v2.65.0 from v2.62.0 (@wata727)