Terraform Weekly - Issue #2

Issue 2 and still working things out here.

The biggest news is the first and I am not sure what to think about it. Will Hashicorp being part of the CNCF mean anything for Terraform? We will see.

Not strictly Terraform news, but Hashicorp has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

This seems like a bigger deal for other HashiCorp products, like Vault and Consul. One can hope that this improves Kubernetes and Helm support in Terraform.

For those that use Terraform Cloud/Enterprise and can therefore make use of Sentinel, this is a huge improvement and worth the migration.

And a bit of older news but relevant if you are going to be writing more Sentinel rules - you can generate mock date for testing your rules via the Sentinel simulator.


Mostly small bug fixes, but of note there is a bug fix change to aws_emr_cluster which may recreate clusters with more than one bootstrap action. Check the release notes for a workaround (ignore_changes).

A significant release that unfortunately has a regression, so you should skip to 0.9.1 (see next item).

This version fixes a regression found in v0.9.0. If you are seeing errors like 'Error: open main.tf: no such file or directory' then skip to this version.

Some minor bugfixes, changelog is here,

A very minor release with just 1 bug fix. Changelog is here.

Another small release but useful stuff for Azure and ElasticSearch users.

I have to admit -I don't really know vSphere, but it seems that people use Terraform to run it.

When I read OCI I definitely don't think Oracle, but that's what it is. A moderately substantial release worth checking out if you are using this provider.