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  • weekly.tf #15 - secrets, LS updates and why are modules so slow

weekly.tf #15 - secrets, LS updates and why are modules so slow

This is a great overview but still somewhat disappointing. It is 2020 and there are still very few workable ways to keep secrets out of Terraform state files.

In case you missed it, the official recap from HashiConf Digital.

tfswitch makes it easy to download and use the right version of terraform.

Not clear why you would use this vs tfenv. Any thoughts?

A small-ish python tool that speeds up the process of pulling terraform modules, by, uh, 5-10x (if you have a lot of modules and use git sources for them).

I can't wait to try this out.

Thought this tool also makes me wonder - if you can make such an improvement with so little code, what in the world is terraform doing that makes it so slow?

Work in progress, but here is a guide for upgrading to the upcoming v2 of the provider SDK. If you are a plugin developer, now might be the time to check out the changes that are coming with v2 of the plugin SDK.

Perhaps the most exciting feature in the upcoming 0.13 release is variable validation, worth spending some time thinking about.

A simple tool for Terraform language syntax cleanup, extending terraform fmt.

I don't know about you, but I have spend a lot of time in the last few months running search and replace commands to clean up pre-0.11 syntax. This tool would have helped if I had known about it.

Notable Releases

Most exciting feature is #198, which allows configuring multiple root modules paths in a workspace. Before this the language server would try to auto-detect paths to root modules by looking for directories that had been initialized. See how to configure.

VS Code extension to make use of above language server version.

A number of bug fixes + a new -d/--debug flag.

I don't usually add alpha/beta/rc releases here, but this seems like a potentially exciting one that folks would want to test out before it gets released.

Check out the changelog for 0.10.0.

A significant release from the the most popular open source tool for automating delivery of Terraform code. I honestly thought this project was going to die when the team went to work at HashiCorp.

The test driver will now automatically download and verify the terraform binary. (#491)