weekly.tf - #21

This week's issue is a short one and I will be skipping next week for a vacation. In the meantime if you see anything worth including in this newsletter, send me an email.

Nothing major, but a lot of bug fixes in this release, which is expected after a major release like 0.13.0. Happy to see the cadence of releases here.

Terraspace purports to be a framework which makes working with Terrraform easier by adding convienent tooling and enabling more DRY code.

This tool uses ruby and ERB templates to read code templates organized in a standard structure and generate Terraform code, then orchestrates running a vanilla terraform binary over the generated code.

I don't have first-hand experience using it. Do any of you? What have you think?

A frustration I have been experiencing with TFE at work - there is now way to share any config across workspaces. This seems like a pattern that every CI/CD tool eventually needs to support.

If you have used jq or yq, this is basically hclq. A new project, so not as feature-rich.

Notable Releases

The second release of this experimental provider add a wait_for block which enables the provider to wait for conditions in the kubernetes cluster. (#95)

How does one summarize these releases? Improvements to organization, codebuild, lb and launch configuration.

Improvements to lambda, tagging, api gateway, eks node groups, storage gateways and vpcs.

Upgraded to support Terraform 0.13. Changelog.