weekly.tf #24

Yeah I don't usually send this on Sunday night - this issue was supposed to go out Thursday and I had it 90% done when life got in the way.

The online replacement for Hashiconf US is coming up. The schedule is mostly posted, minus some

I send this link to folks all the time, but somehow I have never included it in the newsletter.

I think if you only followed this you would do better testing of your terraform code than 99% of its users.

If, like many, you are looking into one of the many tools using Open Policy Agent, you might find this project useful - a toolkit for Rego, the language used by OPA.

Notable Releases

From what I have been hearing, the Terraform core team is shifting the way they manage releases. Rather that having a long time (~1yr) between minor releases, with many patch releases which contain a combination of bug fixes and new features, going forward there will be few new features in patch releases and more frequent minor releases.

In addition, there are a number of breaking changes to command line flags.

Another fairly small release- 1 new resource, 2 enhancements and 2 bug fixes. Check the release notes for details

A provider I have been watching closely, since Terraform <> Kubernetes integration has been challenge.

Interesting new feature in this release - the ability to wait for a field to reach a certain value. That could make quite a few of workflows easier (do this thing and wait until its done) which have been hard due to the asynchronous nature of k8s.