weekly.tf #30 - 0.14 GA

Terraform 0.14 is out, AWS re:invent is going on, us Americans are back from Thanksgiving holidays (not that anyone went anywhere to come "back" from). Isn't it time for the end-of-the-year slow down?

Terraform 0.14 GA is released. This cycle was shorter and there are fewer major changes than 0.12 and 0.13, which is a good thing. I think we have talked about all of them here already, but in case you have missed them, check out–

AWS's yearly mega-event is virtual this year and going on now. See what Hashicorp is up to.

Notably - there are a number of launch-day integrations available (ie terraform-provider-aws has support the day AWS releases a feature).

Interested in using Open Policy Agent to implement some style of compliance on your Terraform code? Check out this getting started guide.

Ok, so "officially" this project is "not ready for prime time". But I am using in in a project and is much better than the half-baked thing I had written.

For plugin authors, this tool will help compose nice documents from a set of templates and code introspection.

Are you using Terraform but miss writing shell scripts? This provider is for you.

Pre-commit hooks are becoming an increasing popular way to do all sorts of code testing and maintenance tasks. A good guide here on the hooks you might want to use with Terraform.

Includes support for just-released lambda code signing.

Some new resources for image builder pipelines, and improvements to MSK

New data source for glue registries.