weekly.tf #31 - 0.14.x releases

Note- next week will be the last issue of this newsletter for the year.

As someone that has used Terraform since before it was a good idea it is easy to forget what it is like to learn anew.

Another project in the space of "visualize your infra based on your terraform code". I think this one does somewhat better at removing the noise, but I have yet to use it in anger.

AWS now has Mac instances. You can almost set them up with Terraform. (Until the aws provider supports dedicated hosts that part is manual).

AWS Lambda now supports Code signing (you sign the Lambda code and then configure your lambda to only run code that has been signed).

In case it was not clear, Terraform 0.12 is effectively end-of-life already and will not receive any updates.

Notable Releases

Short on the heels of 0.14.1, 0.14.2 is released to deal with some regressions which affect only Terraform Cloud/Enterprise users. So if you are already on 0.14.1 and don't use TFC/E, you can probably skip 0.14.2. if you are on TFC/E and haven not upgraded to 0.14.1 yet, it would be best to skip it.

Terraformer is a great project for pulling existing cloud resources in to terraform. It is not a great project for release notes or change logs, so I can't even tell what is new in this release. But maybe something good?

No significant features, but a handful of enhancements which are making this project more useful.

You can now see provider configuration documentation when hovering over the relevant code.

Three new validations- R019, V009, V010 and a bug fix written by yours truly.

Fresh release from my team of what is, I am told, one of the most popular non-vendor providers in the registry.