weekly.tf #33

Still a quiet time of year in the terraform world.

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A bunch rich, complicated terraform examples. A good place to go for some copy-pasta.

A bunch of providers are now "verified", whatever that means.

When env0 started, they seemed to be focused on creating ephemeral infrastructure for use cases like development servers. While I wasn't paying attention they seem to have grown into a full-featured competitor to Terraform Cloud and Scalr.

This announcement is notable because those other two competitors have much more limited support for terragrunt, which is a popular tool. If you are using terragrunt with TFC, you can only use TFC for state management, not as part of a TFC-driven continuous delivery workflow.

When teaching others' terraform, one of the first things I see them get excited about is managing parity across environments. Terraform can be used for that, but you need to put a bit of thought into how to organize your code.

An argument for using open source terraform modules as much as possible.

I think I mostly buy this argument with the caveat that it can be hard to create any sort of consistency in your code when you are cobbling together modules written by a bunch of different people.

In case you haven't heard, in 0.14 you can mark variables as sensitive.

Kinda an old project, but new to me - this tool will take multiple terraform state files and merge them.

Notable Releases

A early pre-release of 0.15 gives some hints about what kind of release we will see. So far this one is removing previously-deprecated functionality, fixing bugs and generally cleaning up. Seems clear that 0.15 is a prelude to 1.0.