weekly.tf - Issue #40 - terraform refresh

Hello, Terraform Enthusiasts!

My name is Anton Babenko and starting from today I will be managing this newsletter (hopefully weekly). Thanks a lot to Ryan King who created weekly.tf project and was doing it before.

You may know me because of Terraform/AWS contributions I have been doing for the last 5+ years, which includes terraform-aws-modules, serverless.tf, and more.

In fall 2020 I started live streams named Your Weekly Dose of Terraform where I host live interviews with creators, do tools reviews, live coding, Q&A, and hacking sessions - pretty much everything I can think of about Terraform for the Terraform community.

I will strive to have a focus on the news relevant for Terraform community in these newsletters and cover everything else during the live streams on YouTube.

Let's begin...

Article of the week

A good take on automating your infrastructure code is treating it the same way as your application code. This article describes how to prepare infrastructure code and gives a concise overview of what steps such a pipeline should consist of.

Open-source discoveries

cloudquery transforms your cloud infrastructure into SQL database for easy monitoring, governance, and security.

Compare the different options in IaC Security Analysis so that users can choose the tool that best fits their own needs.

Run SQL queries on your Terraform infrastructure. Query resources and analyze their configuration using a SQL-powered framework.

Ever wanted to use Python to run Terraform CLI? Here we go. :)

Very complex project using a variety of services (AWS, Serverless, and Terraform). As a big fan of open-source and open infrastructure, I recommend checking out projects like this one to see how others use the tools.

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Feedback ❤️

Please reach out to me on @antonbabenko or LinkedIn or hit reply on this email. I want to hear the feedback (good and bad) and know what would you like to see on this mailing list in the future.