weekly.tf - Issue #41 - AWS EKS and K8S with Terraform


This week was rather quiet in the Terraform world or you didn't send me enough content worth publishing. No major releases in providers, no ground-breaking news.

One observation. There is a tiny shift with some companies acknowledging that developers are not always willing to wait to get feedback on their Terraform code. Waiting for the red/green light from the CI/CD system is a good habit, but when evaluation happens fast, developers stay fitter (less coffee breaks necessary).

What do you think is missing for Terraform developers? Tweet or reply.

Recent discoveries

Allow developers to run Terraform pipeline and evaluate the "dirty repository" (no commit/push necessary). Not bad! (in theory)

Upcoming events

May 20, 2021 - Israel HUG. Issac Goldstand will be talking about Terratest framework. John Boero (Hashicorp) will cover Identity-based Access Management with Boundary.

May 17, 2021 - Madrid HUG. Konrad Clapa & Jarek Gajewski will show us how to create and manage projects on Google Cloud with Terraform.

AWS EKS and K8S with Terraform

Kubernetes is unnecessary in many cases (AWS ECS ❤️ ), but if you decided to use it, hopefully, you would learn something new from these sources.

It is hard to find better educational content about K8S that is better written and more detailed than articles by learnk8s.io (IMHO). Learn how you can leverage Terraform to provision clusters on EKS, AKS, GKE, and LKE (this one is by Linode).

The article explains a good set of open-source solutions (mostly Terraform AWS modules) combined together to help you to get your first AWS EKS cluster created.

I reviewed the terraform-eks-base project together with Andrew (lead developer of the project), and we discussed topics like Terraform code structure, patterns, helm_release, etc.

Did you know that Terraform AWS EKS module is being cloned more than 19K times per day? The repository itself is visited more than by 1K of unique visitors every day.