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  • weekly.tf - Issue #43 - Terraform Automation and Collaboration

weekly.tf - Issue #43 - Terraform Automation and Collaboration

Permission boundaries in AWS IAM service (official docs) is one of the most important mechanisms which helps developers and security specialists to set a permission safety net. From my experience, it is an especially important feature to use when working with multiple AWS accounts in an organization.

Terraform Automation and Collaboration (TACO)

The newest player on the TACO market is positioning itself as an alternative to Atlantis. It offers GitHub integration for Terraform pull-requests, centralized audit log, customer support. They are currently in a very early stage.

Last week I reviewed Scalr (another rather popular TACO service) where I tried to accomplish real end-to-end tasks using Terraform and OPA policies. You can judge yourself on how successful it was. :)

If you run Terraform using GitHub Actions, you can improve execution times by caching Terraform providers. This small example shows how to do this. Please let me know if you have other tips.

Using Terraform in AWS China region has its peculiarities (eg, Terraform Registry modules, missing some AWS services). Marcin Cuber describes the problems and solutions in detail.