weekly.tf - Issue #45 - Terraform 1.0, AWS FIS, AppRunner

Terraform 1.0 — now generally available — marks a major milestone for interoperability, ease of upgrades, and maintenance for your automation workflows.

I personally have mixed feelings because 0.15.0 was released less than 2 months ago and it had few very important breaking features (sensitive/nonsensitive functions, and "-refresh-only" flag) that require some polishing.

Key points:

  • It is just a new major version. No new features added since 0.15.4.

  • 1.x release will have 18+ months LTS support.

  • Upgrade path between 1.x versions will not require running any upgrade tools, rewrite code, or do refactoring.

  • Remote state data source compatibility is now backported to support versions 0.12.30, 0.13.6, 0.14.0, 0.15.0, and 1.0.x. This allows to read any `terraform_remote_state` data-sources across very different versions of Terraform.

If you are building any utilities on top of Terraform, take the time to look into this long document and understand what CAN and CAN NOT be changed in Terraform v1.0 by the team.

This is like a contract we sometimes skip to read and then regret over time.

Thank You to the Terraform Open Source Community

Various Articles

If yesterday's breakage of the internet was out of your control and you want to do it more systematically and in a control fashion yourself, here is an article by Martin Graeber about setting up AWS Fault Injection Service (FIS) with Terraform. Source code.

App Runner was new 2 weeks ago, I know. :) Here is an article by Michael Warkentin where he shows how to get it up and running. Looks simple but make sure you are aware of the limitations of the service and check the apprunner-roadmap carefully.

These questions are completely brainstormed by Ryan Fang and are not from the official Terraform associate exam. Still, if I remember correctly, the topics covered by these questions match the exam rather nicely. Happy learning!