weekly.tf - Issue #46 - CI/CD, tags/yor, costs

There were very few interesting articles this week that I'd like to share with everyone in this newsletter. Content creators probably digest the fact that Terraform 1.0 is out and planning the roadmap for the next 18 months.

PS: Please share interesting content you find online with me for future newsletters.

Videos are now available on-demand. You can log in with Github to watch them.

Kevin De Notariis wrote series of 6 long blog posts where he describes how to build a CI/CD pipeline combining AWS, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Docker, Terraform.

"The ultimate way to link entities in the cloud back to the codified resource which created it." - the README says. I think that this tool comes rather handy and powerful when it comes to consistent auto-tagging of resources (e.g., using pre-commit hooks).

Here is another cloud cost estimation tool for Terraform in your CLI. It looks very new and supports very few AWS resources, but the Cycloid team also has other open-source projects for Terraform users to check out.

June 18: Terraform tools reviews - Infracost