weekly.tf - Issue #47 - Terraform Providers, gitlab

Hi all,

This newsletter is the last one before I go on vacation. I wish everyone a great summer! ☀️

Or, how to explain "Terraform state file" to your mom? Funny blog post by Debora Piu.

Publish Terraform modules in your project’s Infrastructure Registry, then reference them using GitLab as a Terraform module registry. Here is the related epic. Sweet!

A new project started by Louis Garman as an alternative to commercial offerings we all know about. It is in the very early stage with many features missing but I think this project deserves at least a GitHub star :)

Terraform Providers

One of the most popular requests I have received from the readers of this newsletter was about the creation of Terraform providers. So here are a couple of links to recent excellent tutorials:

Interact with APIs using Terraform providers. In these tutorials, use a provider as a bridge between Terraform and a target API. Then, extend Terraform by developing a custom Terraform provider.

The hardest part of writing a Terraform provider is learning the SDK and understanding its capabilities. I think the keyword of this webinar by Cyrus Javan is modern. Well done!

Terraform tools reviews - env0 (25th of June)