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weekly.tf - Issue #48 - Secrets, M1, CDK, self-service infra with UI


This is the first Terraform newsletter after the summer break. ☀️ 🍳

If you are interested in learning more about Terraform and AWS, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I continue having weekly live streams covering various topics (Terraform tools reviews, live coding, interviews, Q&A). There were 40 episodes already. The next one featuring Terraform AWS modules live-coding will be on Friday, the 13th of August.

A very long and detailed article by Laurent Allegre describing an automated solution for teams managing sensitive Cloud resources at scale.

The CDK for Terraform team has released version 0.5 that introduces code generation from HCL and a new cdktf watch workflow for serverless workloads. There was Terraform Community Office Hours session covering this release in more detail.

A CLI to help with managing the installation and compilation of Terraform providers when running on M1 Mac. Developed by Kreuzwerker.

An alternative to tflint but less active.

Self-service infrastructure and UI for Terraform

Gaia is a Terraform 🌍 UI for your modules, and self-service infrastructure 👨‍💻

The open-source solution that defines and manages the complete lifecycle of resources used and provisioned into a cloud!