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weekly.tf - Issue #61 - Leapp, Terraform workspaces, Semgrep

Learn how Terraform is able to connect to AWS and Azure and find the best way to manage your resources with Leapp. AB: Leapp has good integration with AWS Single Sign-On and in most cases it can be a replacement for tools like aws-vault that I've been happily using with my awsp wrapper for several years.

Klaus Dobbler shows how to provision multiple different configurations of the same infrastructure on different AWS accounts using AWS IAM cross-account roles and a feature of Terraform called “Terraform workspaces”. AB: If you like using Terraform workspaces, maybe you should also host your terraform.tfstate on tfstate.cloud (yes, this is a link to a website)? :)

Serhii Vasylenko explains how to use Response Headers Policy and Terraform to configure security headers for CloudFront Distribution. There are many more good blog posts about AWS and Terraform in his blog.

Tim Davis on the importance of tagging when using infrastructure as code as a way to organize resources. The article explains how to get things done.

Static analysis of Terraform code has been significantly improved in the Semgrep 0.66. Check out the blog post for more details.

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