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  • weekly.tf - Issue #63 - Snowflakes and teams as code, Terraform Development Workflow, Terragrunt Drift Detection

weekly.tf - Issue #63 - Snowflakes and teams as code, Terraform Development Workflow, Terragrunt Drift Detection

Hi! AWS re:Invent is next week! If you are going there and want to chat with me, you can find me talking about Terraform AWS modules at AWS Developer Lounge (Booth #1163, on the re:Invent expo floor) on Tuesday at 12 PM, or at the AWS Heroes booth (not sure when). Send me a DM for more.

Kief Morris is an author of the "Infrastructure as Code" book - the first book I read about infrastructure as code as a process (the Second Edition of the book is out now). In this post, Kief explains why we wanted to eliminate snowflake servers in the first place and how we can do it in the modern era.

Jan van den Berg explains how they manage Active Directory and GitHub resources as code during onboarding using Terraform. If Terraform is not your tool of choice for on/offboarding, and you like Ansible for that, check this article - Automate your GitHub organization.

Brendan Thompson explains the development workflow that he uses whenever he is writing Terraform. AB: Very well structured, almost scientific approach I want more people to follow. From Diagrams -> Single File -> Domain Files -> Modules. "With modules comes a lot of responsibility" - this is a bit scary when prefixed with "Important!" and in red. :)

Ernestas Narmontas explained how to use Driftctl (a tool that helps detect infrastructure drift) with Terragrunt. AB: Article has a couple of small helper scripts which are not in the official guide by driftctl.

Open-source projects

It is still a technology preview without very active development, but it looks promising for some Azure users if the project keeps developing. AB: I am glad to see such a project under Microsoft's umbrella.

Another tool we can use in order to help with the refactoring of Terraform code. It runs terraform state mv interactively.

HashiTalks: Canada

There are 19 videos from the last week's online event executed by Jacquie and Jason where Terraform and other related products were covered.

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