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  • weekly.tf - Issue #64 - AWS re:invent, AWS Proton, AWS Control Tower, AWS Organizations

weekly.tf - Issue #64 - AWS re:invent, AWS Proton, AWS Control Tower, AWS Organizations

Hi! Last week's AWS re:invent was a great event (as usual). It was my pleasure to meet many of you in person. Keep doing awesome things after reading this newsletter! :)

AWS Proton was announced last year as a fully managed application delivery service for containers and serverless. Right after that, some of us upvoted the feature request for the integration with Terraform just for fun, and now it is basically our fault (Dr. Werner Vogels, 54:15) that we have it. Live with it. :)

AWS Control Tower makes it easier to set up and manage a secure, multi-account AWS environment. If you can use AWS CloudFormation, there is an official solution and org-formation (recommended) by a 3rd party. Last week, for Terraform users, AWS released a similar solution as a Terraform module - see Github repo. I have looked at the solution, read the docs, and now I have more questions than before. Probably, AWS will polish it over time when multiple ways of using the Terraform module are documented and executable right away (see example). Yes, code in examples should be 100% executable by anyone with valid AWS credentials. Sometimes, it is hard to achieve, but what is the point of releasing it?

Good post about AWS Organizations and IAM Roles. Though I would not add any of Terraform Workspaces concepts in the mix to make the code DRY as a goal. Workspaces often look like a simplification in hello-world demos. Did you know that there are different flavors of workspaces in Terraform OSS/TFE, right?

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