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  • weekly.tf - Issue #67 - Azure, Terratest, debug Terraform, HashiTalks

weekly.tf - Issue #67 - Azure, Terratest, debug Terraform, HashiTalks

Happy New Year! 🎅⛄️

This is a workshop/lab setup created by Thomas Thornton. It is going to take you through a DevOps journey using Azure DevOps. From setting up your pipeline to deploying an application to your Azure Kubernetes cluster! Source repository.

AB: Good example of testing Azure infrastructure with Terratest. If you dislike medium platform as much as I do, here is a video for this blog post.

Niraj Satpute explains some basic concepts of GitLab, CI/CD pipeline, and how to execute Terraform using GitLab Self-Hosted Runners.

One of the most important features in Terraform since Terraform Plugin SDK versions 2.0.0 and above are the debugging capabilities. Gandharva explains how you can enable and debug terraform…AB: I remember it was not so easy when I was studying Terraform source code a few years ago. Great work by Paddy and the rest of the team!

Upcoming events

A 24-hour knowledge-sharing event. Join me as an attendee, or submit to the Call for Proposals before the 16th of January!

AB: We need more talks about everything related to HashiCommunity. See the official blog post.

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