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weekly.tf - Issue #73 - Multi-everything (env, account, region)

This is the third article in a series about Terragrunt and Terraspace written by Pier. AB: Make sure to check other parts or source code, too - Part 1 ("from Terralith to Terraservice with Terraform"), Part 2 (about Terragrunt).

Nitheesh Poojary describes the entire Terraform deployment workflow from Development to Production environments using Terraform Cloud.

AWS Elastic Container Registry can grow over time. You can create lifecycle policies to expire some container images.

This article will show you what you can do and why you should consider using Terraform with Qovery. AB: It takes ~63 lines to create a cluster and deploy an application there. You can watch my video review of Qovery from November 2021. Yes, Qovery is sponsoring me on GitHub!

Open-source projects

Terramate is a tool for managing multiple terraform stacks. AB: Very new but potentially interesting project worth checking out after trying out Terragrunt, Terraspace, and a few more (see related links in issue 71, issue 58).

Automated refactoring for Terraform. AB: If you have been subscribed to weekly.tf for some time, you probably saw at least a few tools focusing on refactoring Terraform code (e.g. set of tools by Masayuki Morita - tfupdate, tfmigrate, hcledit; terraform-state-mover by Maximilian Bode; terravalet ).

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