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weekly.tf - Issue #76 - ValidIaC, user onboarding to Snowflake, PostgreSQL provider

Hey! I am back, and I want to continue with Terraform Weekly and come back to normal life as best as I can... πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ ❀️

Join the HashiCorp community for two full days of infrastructure and security automation, modern application delivery, and the future of the cloud. AB: I am going there and would like to meet many of you in person!

ValidIaC (by Firefly) is the front-end UI for open-source tools (tflint, tfsec, infracost, and inframap). Can be a sufficient option if there is no way to run terraform CLI.

tldr; YAML file format similar to Permifrost.

At Hardfin, they use AWS RDS for managed PostgreSQL instances to simplify their infrastructure and focus on the product. This post describes peculiarities related to using the PostgreSQL provider.

Open-source projects

This module has been updated to support the AWS provider version 3.75 (including version 4.x). Upgrading S3 bucket resources is not as trivial as using this module. Read the module's upgrade guide for more details.

Continuously monitor your AWS services for configurations that can lead to degradation of confidentiality, integrity, or availability. All results can be exported to Security Hub, JSON, CSV, Databases, and more for further aggregation and analysis.

Pterradactyl is a library developed to abstract Terraform configuration from the Terraform environment setup.

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