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  • weekly.tf - Issue #89 - Custom condition checks, depends_on with modules, Proper scoping of Terraform modules, Postconditions

weekly.tf - Issue #89 - Custom condition checks, depends_on with modules, Proper scoping of Terraform modules, Postconditions

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Bill Mfundo presents a perspective on custom condition checks as a design by contracts approach for writing Terraform modules. AB: Unfortunately, the inability to reference other resources' attributes and variables in various places in conditions significantly limits such implementation.

πŸ™Œ News from the sponsor πŸ™Œ

Daniel Jimenez Garcia wrote a great article about using depends_on meta-argument in Terraform modules and various corner cases. AB: Read this post if you see data... will be read during apply in your terraform plan.

Haris Khan wrote a post pointing out the importance of proper scoping of the Terraform Modules as a requirement to work around several limitations of Terraform (e.g. variables in lifecycles, module dependencies, catch-22).

An overview of tools and approaches by Ana Jovanovska. AB: I prefer Pulumi if I suddenly have to choose between CDK for Terraform or Pulumi.

Jamie Phillips shows a way to use postcondition blocks in Terraform to verify the HTTP response code from an API request. One can also use this jsonschema_validator to do a more thorough check of JSON.

Open-source projects

Pike is a tool for determining the permissions or policies required for IAC code. AB: Great work by James Woolfenden! πŸ‘πŸ”₯

Open source tool to handle remote terraform workspace in organizations and handle all the lifecycle (plan, apply, destroy).

πŸ”΄ Terraform Serverless Patterns - September 2

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